The Braun T 1000 CD marks the next generation of the 1964 T 1000 World Receiver and is one of the most iconic Braun radios designed under Dieter Rams. The main difference between the T 1000 and T 1000 CD is the leather strap handle and a round tuning knob. The T 1000 CD is one of the most sophisticated radios (even by today’s standards) and is equipped with a complex range of functions. The switching between short, medium or long bands is achieved by rotating the drum on the side. The Braun T 1000 CD is fully functional & in great condition.

The aluminum front is in great condition however it has been restored & painted over in silver color by the previous owner – one can hardly tell the difference to the original metal silver cover. Please note that the images are reference images and do not display the actual T 1000 CD however are very similar. The transistor radio comes does come without the power transformer and radio must be operated via batteries (not included). The operation manual is not included.

Technical details: A universal receiver with 12 overlapping frequency bands used for AM (0.13 … 30 MHz), 8 of which are shortwave. For 10 dB S / N, the sensitivity is better than 6uV. Battery-operated band selector with gold-plated contacts. 3 tuned RF circuits, 7 JFs. JF: 455 kHz, switchable + / 0.9 / + / 3.5 kHz bandwidth, manual gain control, BFO, AF filter, electronic band extension. FM range 87 … 108 MHz, 1.4uV / 26 dB S / N limit level 2uV. The official retail price in 1964 has been: 1,400.00 DM

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