LUI Avec Jane et Serge


  This is the home of the Superbooks. The best books of the last fifty years. Hate the phrase Lovingly Curated [...]

LUI Avec Jane et Serge2023-08-03T19:23:04+01:00

Yutaka Hashimoto 


The character that is the motif of the work I am making is a character as a common image created by [...]

Yutaka Hashimoto 2023-07-29T16:57:37+01:00

Devon Turnbull: HiFi Listening Room Dream No. 1


Music is the most powerful art form. When we think about music venues, we have concert halls, jazz bars and nightclubs [...]

Devon Turnbull: HiFi Listening Room Dream No. 12023-07-27T13:05:05+01:00

Emigre: Fonts


Emigre, Inc. is a digital type foundry based in Berkeley, California. Founded in 1984, coinciding with the birth of the Macintosh [...]

Emigre: Fonts2023-07-26T13:01:16+01:00

Seb Lester | Lettering Artist


Seb Lester trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in London. He now lives and works in Lewes, England, as [...]

Seb Lester | Lettering Artist2023-07-26T15:57:20+01:00

Jaski Gallery – Chris Berens


    Chris Berens studied illustration at the Academy of Art & Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, graduating in 1999. He has developed [...]

Jaski Gallery – Chris Berens2023-07-25T18:47:57+01:00

Desiderata Pen Company


"Modern vintage" flex fountain pens that work. If you want a fountain pen that gives you high performance writing capability, and [...]

Desiderata Pen Company2023-07-25T17:41:07+01:00

Cranbrook Academy of Art

2023-07-25T15:16:11+01:00 Cranbrook Academy of Art is a top ranking art school that specializes in graduate education on the subjects of [...]

Cranbrook Academy of Art2023-07-25T15:16:11+01:00

Eames | Hang it all 


The 'Hang it all' coat rack designed by Charles and Ray Eames, which comes in a variety of colour combinations, encourages [...]

Eames | Hang it all 2023-07-23T17:48:06+01:00

Andrée-Anne Mercier


      Andrée-Anne Mercier (b. 1992, Repentigny) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal, Quebec. A graduate of the Université [...]

Andrée-Anne Mercier2023-07-23T17:32:22+01:00

Future Shock opens at 180 Studios, The Strand


An immersive exhibition featuring UK and world premieres from Actual Objects, object blue, Lawrence Lek and a host of pioneering artists. [...]

Future Shock opens at 180 Studios, The Strand2022-03-22T19:04:33+00:00

Ohio State Marching Band Plays Tribute to Rush


Source: Ohio State Marching Band Plays Tribute to Rush: “2112,” “YYZ,” “Tom Sawyer” & “Limelight” | Open Culture

Ohio State Marching Band Plays Tribute to Rush2021-10-11T16:24:52+01:00



The black edition of KAWS: WHAT PARTY Source: All you need to know about KAWS: WHAT PARTY | art | Phaidon

KAWS: WHAT PARTY | Phaidon2021-10-12T19:52:04+01:00

Marie-Claude Marquis “You Complete Me” – Thinkspace Gallery


(2020) Handpainted typography on vintage plates. Oil ink, oil varnish, medium, ceramic/porcelain. Signed at the back6.75"x7” Source: Marie-Claude Marquis "You Complete [...]

Marie-Claude Marquis “You Complete Me” – Thinkspace Gallery2021-10-01T20:20:41+01:00

The Boozy Cosmos Jelly Cake by Solid Wiggles


Solid Wiggles ships its The Boozy Cosmos Jelly Cake nationwide on Goldbelly®. Order from 850+ top restaurants, food shops & chefs [...]

The Boozy Cosmos Jelly Cake by Solid Wiggles2021-09-29T21:54:14+01:00

Las tejedoras del gran toldo de la calle Málaga


El taller que organiza el Área de Medio Ambiente cumple su tercer verano consecutivo decorando el centro de Alhaurín de la [...]

Las tejedoras del gran toldo de la calle Málaga2021-09-29T21:57:37+01:00

Polaroid Now+ Camera – Polaroid UK


Meet your new experimental sidekick. Polaroid Now+ is our new connected camera that gives you more creative tools than ever before. [...]

Polaroid Now+ Camera – Polaroid UK2021-09-29T21:53:43+01:00

Invasione Creativa – Art3: a journey into art


Art3 is a journey into art.We wondered what the great works of the greatest artists in history could hide and thanks [...]

Invasione Creativa – Art3: a journey into art2021-09-29T22:16:58+01:00

Drawings by Aaron Robert Baker


    Portfolio Website for Chicago Artist Aaron Robert Baker, featuring drawings, paintings and digital art. Working in abstract and representational [...]

Drawings by Aaron Robert Baker2021-09-27T17:41:52+01:00

100,000 Stars – amazing interactive fun from google


An interactive 3D visualization of the stellar neighborhood, including over 100,000 nearby stars. Created for the Google Chrome web browser. Source: [...]

100,000 Stars – amazing interactive fun from google2021-09-27T18:40:21+01:00

unapologetic paintings | gemma gene


“wrapped pineapple”2016 18 x 18 in oil on wood “wrapped pink purse”2016 18 x 18 in oil on wood “wrapped lobster”2016 [...]

unapologetic paintings | gemma gene2021-10-03T15:59:11+01:00



8K COLORS OF NEW YORK2021-10-04T15:39:28+01:00

‘Rock neighbors’. 2015 – Cinta Vidal


‘Rock neighbors’ is one of four paintings that I presented at Thinkspace’s booth in Scope Miami Beach 2015. Source: ‘Rock neighbors’. 2015 [...]

‘Rock neighbors’. 2015 – Cinta Vidal2023-09-12T12:46:15+01:00




Antiroom II


Antiroom II is a self-built pavilion by Elena Chiavi, Ahmad El Mad, Matteo Goldoni made during the workshop EASA 2015 Links. [...]

Antiroom II2023-09-12T13:19:33+01:00

mehrdad (@m1rasoulifard) • Instagram photos and videos


تاریخ معماری ایران Welcom to architecture history of iran☝☝ All photos are taken by me ?( note4) Source: mehrdad (@m1rasoulifard) [...]

mehrdad (@m1rasoulifard) • Instagram photos and videos2023-09-12T13:49:27+01:00
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