Designed to ease the tribulations of modern life, the Power+ Solar Powered Charger and Light by Waka Waka is an essential addition to any hike or camping trip.Achieving full battery power in as little as 12 hours, a fully charged Power+ can charge your phone one and a half times or light up your tent for up to 200 hours.Crafted from recycled plastic, this environmentally friendly light also features four different light settings to suit your needs and an SOS beacon to help in the event of an emergency. Ethically minded, Waka Waka supports families across the world living without electricity. In buying a Power+ you will join the mission to improve lives and share the sun with communities worldwide.This delightfully useful gadget would make a perfect addition to a camping getaway, or a great gift idea for friends and family members who love the outdoors.

Source: Power+ Solar Powered Charger & Light – The Conran Shop