The SEAVU Explorer platform is a game-changing solution that redefines underwater visibility and videography by making it affordable, accessible and sustainable. It finally puts a powerful, versatile tool in the hands of fishers, boaters, researchers and documentary makers.

At its core, the SEAVU Explorer is an easy-to-use underwater live-stream and videography platform. It houses an action camera which is deployed underwater, streaming footage to a mobile phone in the hands of a person standing on a boat. Existing solutions are focused on industrial markets, either having custom built-in cameras or requiring custom screens for viewing. This makes them expensive, difficult to use and easily superseded by advancing technology sending them to landfills. With SEAVU, almost any off-the-shelf action camera (GoPro, Insta360, DJI) can be loaded into the Explorer’s IP68 waterproof case and deployed into the water. The platform’s integration with any mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) facilitates live-viewing and effortless social media sharing. Our innovative Passive WiFi Extension Antenna maintains connection between the action camera and mobile device, even when the Explorer is submerged up to 27 metres underwater

Source: Seavu – Underwater Fishing Camera System