Both the son and grandson of a cheesemongers, Jean-Yves Bordier naturally grew up amongst the wheels of comté and farm fresh cream.  His father raised him and showed him the ropes of his future profession at each Parisian farmers’ market where they worked.

With 35 years’ experience refining and aging cheeses, Jean-Yves Bordier’s selection is the fruit of years bearing witness to a “friendliness to cheese” and of sniffing out hand-crafted productions.  He ages cheeses in 7 natural reconstituted cellars to obtain rinds at the height of their taste and texture.  His daily goal?  Working with the best milk bases, respecting time-tested methods, and adapting these traditions to the requirements of today’s world.

When my butter cries, it means it is singing!  When my butter sings, it means it is crying!

Jean-Yves Bordier became a butter artisan in St. Malo in Brittany in 1985, acquiring the La Maison du Beurre creamery founded in 1927.  He discovered the art of kneading butter, a traditional 19thcentury method, that he perfected using the time-honored gestures of past butter artisans, which guarantees the quality of his great butters.  He has developed techniques to pound and shape butter and has passed on his know-how to his team.  Little by little, major French and foreign chefs have become his most faithful clients.  A silky texture, aromatic complexity, a light dusting of salt, a smart balance of flavors and a pleasure to carry out the desires of each chef:  this is what Jean-Yves Bordier is all about!

Originally he wanted to be a sailor, and since his parents were cheesemongers, Jean-Yves Bordier weighed anchor at the Breton port city of St. Malo. The city’s seafarers gave him a quiet and contagious joviality, and from the true masters he received passion, modesty and big-heartedness.  Listening to him speak about his butter is a joy, and tasting it means never being able to go without it!

Source: Les Beurres Bordier – Le Beurre Bordier