Providing a ground-breaking owner’s suite in the bow and delivering up to 50% more living space than traditional yachts of its length but without making the speed concessions of a displacement yacht.

The WHY200 measures 200 gross tons and can be registered under 24 meters (78’ 8”) load line length but conveys the comfort and space of a much larger displacement yacht alongside the speed advantages of a semi-displacement yacht.

With naval architecture from Laurent Giles and interior design provided by Vallicelli Design Studio, the WHY200 provides the space and volume benefits of a much larger vessel thanks to its innovative full-wide-body design generating  more than 200 sqm (2,153 sqft) of indoor living space as well as 144 sqm (1,550 sqft) of exterior decks.

The breakthrough  wrap-around main deck in glass provides the sensational and unprecedented owner’s suite at the bow, which takes the on board experience to a whole new level.

The fold-out wings expand the beach club area with access to the sea on three sides. The two concealed garages provide unprecedented storage capacity for the yacht’s size category.

Optimized for both full- and semi-displacement cruising, the WHY200 sits perfectly between the voluminous but slower full displacement yachts and the restricted but rapid planing yachts. The stable, beamy hull complemented by both fin and gyroscopic stabilizers,  guarantees full comfort at anchor.

After exhaustive testing at the Solent University’s towing tank in Southampton, UK, the hull has been optimized to deliver a comfortable experience at a wide range of speeds.

Source: WHY – Wally