Braun T 1000 CD


The Braun T 1000 CD marks the next generation of the 1964 T 1000 World Receiver and is one of the [...]

Braun T 1000 CD2023-07-25T17:53:58+01:00

Desiderata Pen Company


"Modern vintage" flex fountain pens that work. If you want a fountain pen that gives you high performance writing capability, and [...]

Desiderata Pen Company2023-07-25T17:41:07+01:00

Cast Iron and Walnut Coffee Scoop


I used to listen to a podcast with a funny segment called "Who the F buys this S" that talked about [...]

Cast Iron and Walnut Coffee Scoop2023-07-25T17:15:15+01:00

Marc Newson’s Modular Quobus Display Units


Quobus, designed by Marc Newson, is a modular system of storage/display units. It's made up of enameled steel cubes in three [...]

Marc Newson’s Modular Quobus Display Units2023-07-25T15:42:05+01:00

Olfa Retractable Craft Knife


Cutting tool manufacturer Olfa's CK-2 features a blade shaped like a kiridashi, or Japanese wood carving knife. The blade is held [...]

Olfa Retractable Craft Knife2023-07-25T14:59:48+01:00

Eames | Hang it all 


The 'Hang it all' coat rack designed by Charles and Ray Eames, which comes in a variety of colour combinations, encourages [...]

Eames | Hang it all 2023-07-23T17:48:06+01:00

Paul Smith Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen


Caran d’Ache’s 849 ballpoint pen is unmistakably Smith by design. Featuring his iconic artistic stripes coloured chartreuse and rose, Sir Paul [...]

Paul Smith Caran d’Ache 849 Ballpoint Pen2023-07-23T16:50:22+01:00

Barrier-free sliding doors


Your sliding doors become barrier-free with SIEGENIA so that day-to-day life is not an obstacle. Source: Barrier-free sliding doors

Barrier-free sliding doors2021-10-06T17:00:45+01:00

Vermicular | Japanese Enamel Frying pan


料理のおいしさと使いやすさを追求した鋳物ホーローフライパンです。手料理の世界を広げるバーミキュラの自信作が、あなたの暮らしを変えていきます。 Source: 目指したのは、世界一、素材本来の旨味を凝縮するフライパン。 | Vermicular(バーミキュラ)公式サイト

Vermicular | Japanese Enamel Frying pan2021-10-06T13:58:37+01:00

Stoves and Fireplaces – design & quality from Attika


Modern and classic design. Innovative products and high processing quality. Europe-wide network of specialist dealers offers competent advice on site. Source: [...]

Stoves and Fireplaces – design & quality from Attika2021-10-06T17:01:26+01:00

Officine Universelle Buly Paris 1803


    L'Officine Universelle Buly offers perfumes and atmospheric odors, natural beauty treatments and the best accessories since 1803. Source: Officine [...]

Officine Universelle Buly Paris 18032021-10-05T19:59:17+01:00

Concrete door stop – Wild and Wood


Concrete door stop with natural leather cord handle and a non slip scratch proof cork base. With a strong, solid posture [...]

Concrete door stop – Wild and Wood2021-10-05T17:02:36+01:00

Marie-Claude Marquis “You Complete Me” – Thinkspace Gallery


(2020) Handpainted typography on vintage plates. Oil ink, oil varnish, medium, ceramic/porcelain. Signed at the back6.75"x7” Source: Marie-Claude Marquis "You Complete [...]

Marie-Claude Marquis “You Complete Me” – Thinkspace Gallery2021-10-01T20:20:41+01:00

Bloom Basketball – COOL HUNTING®


Chance’s Bloom Basketball—a vibrant lilac, covered in large multicolored flowers—recalls the blossoming of spring and the beauty of growth over perfection. [...]

Bloom Basketball – COOL HUNTING®2021-09-29T22:17:28+01:00

Zip-Eat! / Jar opener – OTOTO DESIGN


A stubborn jar can be so frustrating...but hey, get a grip! Zip-Eat will wraparound any lid, to give you that little [...]

Zip-Eat! / Jar opener – OTOTO DESIGN2021-10-03T16:12:55+01:00

“Bulletproof” Rocks Glass 7.5oz


The next glass in our portfolio, the 7.5 oz rocks glass. (you might call it an Old Fashion glass or a [...]

“Bulletproof” Rocks Glass 7.5oz2021-10-03T16:26:28+01:00

Dark Green Mug 10oz — ATELIER DION


10 oz. mug slipcast in dark green clay. Inside and lip are glazed with clear crackle glaze, outside is bare clay [...]

Dark Green Mug 10oz — ATELIER DION2021-09-27T23:10:41+01:00

Soy Shape | Dining | Duncan Shotton Design Studio


Clever sushi-dipping dishes that give the illusion of 3D shapes when soy sauce is added. Made in Japan. Currently funding on [...]

Soy Shape | Dining | Duncan Shotton Design Studio2021-10-04T15:47:31+01:00

Balance Pipe by Jamie Wolfond for Tetra


The first glass pipe to which design considerations have been meticulously applied, devised by New York product designer Jamie Wolfond of [...]

Balance Pipe by Jamie Wolfond for Tetra2021-10-04T15:50:31+01:00
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